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  • Do you have a company that's been successful, but for some reason you're feeling stuck?
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  • Are you trying to figure out a way to reach more people, or have a bigger impact on the world?
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If there’s one thing most entrepreneurs miss, it’s this:


Strategies don’t HAVE to be hard.

Hi, I’m Vamsi Pannala! I’ve spent the last few months putting together this virtual summit where 35 top-notch marketers shared their little known frameworks and marketing strategies that WORK to turn your online business into a profitable venture that can impact the world during this down economy.

The MOST powerful frameworks you can learn are inside the Impact Marketing Summit.

When you sign up for this summit, you are going to learn from the experts the EXACT step-by-step process they followed to build a successful online business.

One Summit. Three days.

That’s all it’s going to take to learn how to build or scale your business using the one strategy each of these 35 entrepreneurs had shared that will significantly impact each piece of your business.

Learn How To Build Your Business In Down Economy To Generate Cashflow And Create Greater Impact
From: Vamsi Pannala

RE: How To Get Tons Of Leads and Traffic To Any Website Or Funnel?

Dear Entrepreneurs and Business Owners,
Are you trapped in your own business trying to re-build it during this economic downtime?

If you’ve ever told yourself…

"There’s No Money Coming In… I’d Better Do Something Fast To Stay In The Business"

… then you should read the rest of this letter. 

There’s so much buzz on the internet about launching online businesses… funnels… email lists… and all of that.

But once you get in that world, you will eventually figure out how tough it is to start making some money with them… 

You get stuck. Next thing you know, you’re thinking… 

"How Am I Ever Going To Make My Business Sustainable Irrespective Of The Economic Condition? I Can’t Just Keep Re-launching This Business For The Rest Of My Life!"
I understand, because I’ve been there. 

I knew there had to be a better way. So I started studying the success secrets of 6-7 figure entrepreneurs.


The more I watched, read, and heard… the more I began to piece together the fact about these entrepreneurs… the secret to success wasn’t in learning everything and blindly trying to put it all together. 

The real secret was to study them closely. Find out what worked for them, how they designed their products, how they sold them… THEIR BEST STRATEGIES!

"Success Leaves Clues..But They Must Be Acted Upon" - Tony Robbins

So I thought to myself, "What If I could get all of these successful entrepreneurs together in one event… Where they all shared the frameworks and strategies that made their business successful even during this down economy"

Immediately I reached out top entrepreneurs and marketers I looked up to.

I asked this question that would go straight to the heart of the issue, and then I sought out 83 marketing geniuses from all across the marketing world to ask them: 

Hey, <Insert Marketing Genius>!


I have a question for you and I’d love to know your answer.

Let’s say there is a pandemic or recession ready to hit the world in exactly 30 days from now.


You have a thriving business, employees and epic cash flow, but you need to come up with "one strategy" to get tons of leads and traffic to your website or funnel that will keep your business sustainable and turn it from failure to success.

What framework and strategies would you implement to stay in the business in just 30 days?

"I Wanted to Know EXACTLY What Would be Their ONE STRATEGY That Would Turn Them From A Failure To Success..."
Using everything they knew about marketing…

And under that deadline pressure of 30 days…

I swore I was going to hear “NO” from all of them to this seemingly odd request…

I was unsure if anyone would respond …

Eagerly I waited for their responses. My expectations weren’t high, but what happened next shocked me.

I got a response. And another, and another... before I knew it, there were 35 world-class experts ready to speak.

As I began studying their answers, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
It was like I’d struck gold. 
They started teaching lessons they’ve never shared anywhere else.


Things that can take your business from just a dream to a money-making machine. Things you won’t believe 6 to 7 figure marketers would share.

At least not without charging thousands of dollars for access to their inner circles!

People like Steve Larsen, Marley Jaxx, Gabe Schillinger! 7 figure, 2 Comma Club, FHL Speakers… Gave away the blueprints that built their success and changed their lives!

Each one of the 35 speakers did the same. Organic Marketing Experts, Funnel Builders, Paid Marketing Experts, Video Marketing Experts, Webinar Experts, Copywriters… It was amazing! 

"You can save years of effort and tons of heartache implementing these strategies taught on this summit instead of slogging through multiple attempts to be in the business"

No matter the product… no matter the industry… no matter the audience size… no matter your personal history or experience level…

You’re going to be unpacking game-changing strategies that are critical to long-term success and stability.

The kind of strategies that will help you build your business which creates the impact and profit on autopilot.

These frameworks and strategies will MASSIVELY propel your business forward in terms of new customer acquisition, impact, and revenue.

And these marketing experts were sharing amazing things with me that, no matter the industry or field, could change the lives of countless entrepreneurs, in any niche, with any business model. 

Because it’s not about what they were selling… it’s about how they can implement the frameworks and strategies that bring in long-term income is what made all the difference.

I started thinking about the countless people stuck in this loop like I was in… who need a way out.

And I realized…

"Every Entrepreneur Who Has A Business, A Funnel, A Product, A Service To Offer Needs To Hear These Plans."

So how do I get this information to the masses?

I wanted to get this in the hands of as many people as possible.  

Then it hit me… 

"What If I Joined Forces With These Successful Entrepreneurs, Got Them To Do A Presentation Detailing Their Frameworks And Strategies,
Worked With Them To Make As Much Noise As Possible, And Put These Lessons In The Hands Of Entrepreneurs In Every Corner Of Business?"
How Much Do You Think Something Like This Should Cost?

Remember, we’re talking step-by-step roadmaps for business planning from some of the top minds in marketing across dozens of industries and business models. There’s something for everyone in here.


When I thought about charging for this, you could imagine how high the price climbed.


And the truth is, the vast majority of people out there would do everything they could to take this idea and turn it into a massive payday. 

Free stuff is meaningless. I’ve learned from personal experience that the more I give away, no strings attached, the more it’s wasted.

People who don’t have any skin in the game… aren’t going to play. They don’t follow through if they even bother to show up at all.

I want better for you.

So that’s why I have to apply some pressure here. For that reason, these interviews will only be available to you for 3 days. 

You get full access to all the interviews for 3 days. Once the 3 days window is up, those interviews are gone… poof… bye-bye.

Why am I doing it like this?

To force you to take action.

This is the best way I know of to help you succeed.

When you have that deadline pressure, it requires more of you… and the more that’s required of you, the more likely you will be to pay attention and then implement.

So to help you implement these business-sustaining insights, I’m giving you a just short window to watch the speaker presentations.

During that 72-hour window when you have all-access, I want you to block off your calendar and set aside some time to study.


Drink in greatness.

Visualize and plan.

And, of course, take a ton of notes.

And then I want you to go turn your business into the cash-flow machine it’s supposed to be... just like you learned how to do by watching these interviews.

It requires a real commitment on your part…

But if you can make that commitment, I’m happy to give you all of this for just $7. 

And then… it all disappears.

I can’t wait to see how far you go with this.


See you on the inside!

So who are these amazing entrepreneurs partnering with me to bring you these game-changing lessons at just $7?
Founder and CEO at Pursuit Of Profits
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CEO, Producer & Engineer at Legion Beats

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YouTube Certified Growth Strategist
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Magnetic Messaging: How To Get New Clients Every Week On Auto Pilot?
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Founder and CEO at SEO National

How To Show Up At The Top Of Google Without Paying For Ads?

Founder and CEO at Melissa Ricker
How To Leverage A Live Audience To Create A 6 Figure Leap In Your Business?
Founder - Intentionally Inspirational
Digital Marketing Strategies For Uncertain Economic Times And Beyond

How To Turn Strangers Into High Ticket Coaching Clients

Founder and CEO at Stella Wealth
3 Secrets To Generate Consistent Sales Of $10k/Month Without Having To Sell.
Copywriting Expert
The 3 Copy Mistakes That Cost You Sales
Funnel Design Expert
My Step-By-Step Approach In Designing Beautiful Funnels That Convert
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Founder and CEO at CommentFunnels™
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CEO-TVpreneurs Entertainment Network
How To Leverage Game-Changing Apple TV Industry To Scale Your Business?
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How To Sell Anything To Anyone Using My Backwards Storytelling Method?
WordPress And Digital Marketing Expert
7 Pillars Of Digital Marketing
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How Chat Marketing Can Help Skyrocket Engagement And Sales?
CEO at
Leverage DIGITAL Real Estate Assets into Warm Leads and HOT Repeat Customers!
Founder and CEO
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Affiliate Marketing Expert
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FB Ads Expert & CEO at
Secrets To Running Webinar Ads Profitably
The Funnel Guy
Your Guide To Launching YOUR Next 6-7 Fig Funnel
Affiliate Marketing Expert
How To Go Viral On Tiktok In 30 Days Or Less?
CEO at Formula Publisher
3 Book Publishing Secrets For Growing Your Profit, Exposure And Impact
CEO - Video Presenter Training
How to Look, Feel and Sound Great in Every Video you Make?
Host - Impact Marketing Summit
What is Impact Marketing Summit, Its Significance and Why Now?
Finally! 35 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Best Kept Marketing Secrets By Answering This Question!
What Is Your Number One 


That Helped You Become 

A Successful Entrepreneur?

I Asked 35 Marketing Experts This Question
Giveaway Ending 

In Next Few Days 

Giveaway Ending 

In Next Few Days 


When you register for the Impact Marketing Summit (for just $7), you’ll get access to all the interviews with 35 of the greatest marketing minds today across niches and business models for 3 days.

They’re sharing their ONE STRATEGY that turned from failure to success during this economic downtime.

You’ll learn how to transform YOUR business as well, and never get stuck again.

At the end of 3 days, these lessons will be gone forever.

With each of these marketing masters sharing something you will never hear anywhere else...

You won’t want to miss a minute!

Join us!

All you need to do is register below right now:

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